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Rumors are roaming around online due to the delay launch of TTG V2. Some said that the site is already a scam and using the upgrading as an excuse. A site posted that TTg is selling bots instead of real referrals.

TTG got mad and said:

"On a side note we're aware of some rumors and speculation and they are not true. We are still working on V2. In fact you'll be pleased to know we've set aside our Christmas eve with our families and worked Christmas eve on this as well.

I would really hope people would consider that because come V2 we will no longer tolerate any inappropriate behavior from ANY member and we won't hesitate to remove members who've caused us more grief during the transition than they're worth.

If users would take a moment to consider the scope of the upgrade and the fact that it would be absolutely stupid to launch a product with serious bugs, considering how many users steadily try and rip TTG off, you'd realize we're unable to do anything any faster than we already are.

Do we come to your place of work and piss and moan and tell you to work faster? No. In fact we're working as fast as we can so patience is your only option.

No matter how fast you want TTG up and operational again, please keep in mind that WE want it up even faster than you do, as we're losing money daily while it's down, but we can only do this as quickly as humanly possible.

We're working hard to launch a solid product from two complete platforms. Relax and please let us work. When we can give an exact date of relaunch we'll post it here once we can determine the exact date.

Thank you for your patience."

TTG is still one of the PTC sites we have so far aside from neobux. Let's wait and see if the rumors are true in the coming year


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