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PR2 Finally!

After all the hard work in getting traffic creating quality links to my blog. I'm happy to announced that my blog received a Page rank 2. Now It's time for me to share to you how I did it.

1. Link building
  • You can post it to any free ad sites like sulit, eksakto and many more. Searching online really helps in finding this kind of sites.
  • Ask some bloggers if they are willing to do a link exchange (note: should be related to your topic).
  • Pass your blog to any free directories online and search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask are samples of search engines you can used to make your site searchable online at the same time building additional traffic.
  • You can also join some free linking sites like adgrid, trianglebruins and many more.
  • Join social sites like Digg, technorati, stumble and many more.
2. Create traffic
  • Use some free traffic sites found online to get more visitors that might link you.
  • Used SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Check SEO part above.
  • You can join some social and forum sites like mylot, yuwie, platinum lounge and many more. Create a banner using photoshop or any online banner making sites and used it as a signature then put the link of your site.Someone might click then link building part might apply afterwards.
  • Check you traffic rank using Alexa to be aware of your sites current traffic condition.
3. Write Good Contents to your blog or website
  • Good write ups can attract more readers and at the same time might get some backlinks from them that really boost your PR.
  • Research is the most important tool to have a good content.
4. Make your site attractive
  • Getting attention is difficult so by creating a beautiful blog makes a difference. People sometimes stops when they see gorgeous things and it still works online. I know that most of us has no knowledge on how to do it. Today, even without a background in computer you can make your site fabulous. You can search online to get attractive templates for free. Most of this sites has instructions on how to apply it so even a newbie can do this.
Increasing your PR may take some time so just continue doing it and you'll see the result in months.


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