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Huge debts? Not good.

GetPAidFastToday was taken over by Performancebux because Bikersmom became ill and has no ability to manage to site plus the large amount of debts to paid due to chargeback from Paypal and Alertpay. The new management is now facing a lot of problems from their own site ($2400 debts) and GPFT ($2000 debts). In order to survive they have to clean the cheaters (from GPFT), turn-off the instant payments(especially to Paypal, and alertpay), and conduct some sales on their products. For now, I considered this site under my watch list.

Seems like Prosperbux has been abandoned by admin. Can't see any new updates and replys from angry members. It's like a ghost town .

Nomincashout is back with added features as expected. But the question is will they stay long enough or be a scam?

Buxcan is now gone and can't be found online. Seems like another scam on my list and it's getting longer everyday.

Shortbux removed alertpay as their payment processor due to chargebacks and will be replace with a new one (still on process). For now, You can used paypal to cashout all your income and wait for further announcement from the admin.


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