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I got sick for two days that is why my updates regarding some sites was delay. But now, I'm feeling good and ready to review some sites for you.

To get started, Prosperbux is having some system problems regarding referrals (direct, bought and rented). All the referrals are lost, no downline (if recent member) and the recent rented was not processed. But all of this are already fix and functioning smoothly so enjoy the site.

Phasebux was prelaunched and started getting members. Let's see if they could stay long on this kind of business.

NgBux will be gone from saturday until Monday. The admin didn't explain the reason for closing the site for that long so better stay put and monitor any unusual movements.
PPclix cashout is still closed but their other system is currently working. No annoucement on when the site will pay again .

Chillbux has still cashout limit per day so I guess most of the members can't cashout instantly. Better think if you still wanna stay with this site. Not advisable to invest.

The cashout was disable in Eliteclicks two days ago and until now the forum is still out and can't ask the admin about this issue. Since we know that this site is related to paradiseclicks, rainingbux and buxrusonline so in the beginning it will turn out like the rest of them.

Shortbux change their name into clickomatic and currently closed because they will upgrade their system into V3. No announcement was made on when the site will be running again so let's wait for further news.
On the other hand, Buxcorp run out of funds due to credit card reverse that was charge under them. About $37 every reverse made by credit cards and now $-43.77 was left in their account so expect no payments will be process.


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