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PRoblems are still in here

I can't log-in at PPclix today. This site have many problem with their server and it keeps on getting worse. They never run out of problems and the cashout are also affected. I can see no future in this site, it won't last long (I guess).
Chillbux has run out funds, the admin announced that he has $-93 on his account because of the reversal charges again. If this situation will continue, I won't be surprised if this site will disappear.

If seems like Prosperbux is temporarily unable just this morning. Will they be back?

TTG will launch the V2 by next week and all the members will start from again. They promise to pay the V1 pending payments (we don't know when.) and will post all the proofs at the forum.

The instant payment for paypal is still on process but orders is payable via paypal at unobux. They also lost 1000 members due to the problem with their database. All the rented, and bought referrals was lost so if you want to get it back you can send a ticket with transaction details and ordering details.


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