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Unfortunately, TTg is on V1 version and it's still functioning so you can still click some sites. V2 is still hanging and we can't say when will this new script be running. The forum is still closed and you will see this message from the admin itself.

Admin said;

We are still having luck it seems. The investor is still very interested. We're preparing special financial for him using excel files so he can better review the figures. We're hoping to have this to him over the day here. I will get more information for you members tomorrow. Also for the record a member did a charge back yesterday and was removed including their balance. If you do a charge back while we're working on wiping the queue, your account and all balances will be terminated. You'll get back from AP just what you've paid and nothing more including your balance which technically will be higher than what you put in. I'll also be preparing a list of shame of all members who do this since it's not a supportive technique to TTG. In fact it's relatively not smart at all considering we ARE working with a very large potential investor to get this wiped, V1 removed along with it's bugs and a V2 bug free fresh start for all our members. We want to pay you what you've earned. Not what you've put in. Keep that in mind.
For those with doubts our potential investor says this.

I do believe in It needs to run as a business.


He's speaking of many things. EG Trademarks, balance sheets and much more that need to be done proper. I agree on all aspects. These are things we're preparing for him.

List of shame for chargebacks includes
Doug Hearns - <-- Good job Doug. Thanks for the support while we do this! Even after we exchanged emails on what was happening.

End of update. Below is archive of first posting

We've run into another major snag while attempting a V2 launch. Because of so many negative postings showing in Google our original angel, flaked and bailed :(, We are however talking with another potential thanks to a TTG member who has some big contacts. This is taking some time to negotiate but we're doing our absolute best to keep this from heading south.The V2 script is functional and nearly ready for our layout. All we're waiting on is the funds now to wipe the queue and to finish paying the coder who's created the V2 script so he can implement it. TTG has made no "income" since November which is understandable however we know that with a queue wipe this will change. To those who've received or receiving a check please do not cash them until we post here that it's ready to cash. Today I have a telephone conference with the new angel and he already knows the urgency. There's a process to everything and please refrain from posting any more negatives online or we may not be able to find the funds we need. People should note throughout the history of TTG that I've always kept them up to date. They should note all the major payments we've sent. We're not in this for a scam but V2 IS required to make the site sustainable for a long period. We understand everyone needs to be paid and we're working on this. We're not sleeping, nor resting idly. We're working on the business end of this every single day until we have everything out to you people. Meantime the V1 revision is back and operating. We're quite sorry but we need more time to complete this proper. The potential new angel knows full well what a queue wipe will do for TTG. We're all aware that by wiping the queue, the thousands of success stories will enable us to grow and V2 income will for once outweigh what's going out. Patience is required. We need members to see that we're doing all we can here to get this to you. Just be patient. We're not talking months here. As said V2 IS ready to go. It just needs the layout now and the database conversion. V2 has some new features that V1 doesn't as well such as ref renting and more. Instant payouts for premiums too. We changed our minds on that facet but again that's only for premiums. All we're waiting for is the negotiations now for the funding. We're not stopping our investor search and relying on just one either. We've placed many many ads on all the investment areas over the last month. TTG Can and will be sustainable with all the features such as CPA and more. We just need to overcome this one hurdle first. We thank those that are being patient and supportive and not so much those who're posting all the negatives. When we launch V2 we will scour the internet and all posters that have caused us harm will be paid out and removed permanently from TTG. We'll update this page with news as soon as we have it.

After posting this I received an email this morning from a member that made my day and has renewed my vigor on making this happen for you people. I've put in so many hours to make this work and realized that the people I had working on this prior with me simply did not have the personal interest in TTG like I do, Except Zeb. This was a mistake we won't be making again. We've finally found a coder we can rely on. That in itself was a chore when many coders we've hired were happy to take our money but did relatively nothing except break things worse . (EG balance bug, stats, raffles and more). I was able to test V2 last night on a trial license pending on payment to the coder. It's frankly amazing. I will hammer the pavement until we get the funds we need to do this. If you keep hitting the site every day meantime all the traffic stats to show the investor will be accurate and it will be easier to get this funding. My goal has always been to not let anyone down and build this into something big. It's reachable. I just need a bit of time as the amount of money we are requiring is no small peanuts. I've done my calculations and with V2 and a wipe TTG will suddenly go from no extra profit to plenty of site profit for once. This offsets everything. All I ask from members is patience. TTG is not a money tree. It needs water and care. I don't want to be the only one who cares. If any of our members knows ANYONE who would like to double their investment of 210k required in short order and who has no issues with an immediate injection I'd invite them to mail admin @ with all pertinent information. This is a one time opportunity for someone to really make a tonne of money in an amazingly short amount of time. I've tested the CPA model as well. Exactly 50% of what's brought in with CPA alone goes out.. which leaves 50% as pure profit. The offers can pay a user 55.00 for just one offer and the site makes an immediate 55.00 as well. With hundreds of thousands of users doing them TTG will turn massive profits on just the cpa alone. That's based on just one offer. There's hundreds in the system users can do. This doesn't include the new referral renting system and other V2 features that are coded.

Anyhow here's the email I received that opened my eyes to the fact that this can be done.

Keep your chin up and be strong. I know things haven't been the best for you lately, your health and now this. Don't worry about the people who have been trying to trash TTG, they are not worth your energy. Just concentrate on what you need to do to bring TTG back to its former glory. There's a saying in life that whenever we encounter bad luck, it's always 3 of everything, let's just hope this time it will be 3rd time lucky! I believe in this cos I went through it in 2008!

In the end, it is you that is going to bring TTG up again, and those that have bad-mouthed TTG will only be going back to their shells. I've always believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, there is no reason to jump into conclusion, having worked as an IT System Administrator, I do realize that sometimes things don't go our way and that sometimes it's beyond our control when things break, don't give up! As much as you want it to go back north again, I want it to be like how it was too. I've been really patient throughout TTG struggling period and until this day, I still believe that you will overcome these obstacles.

I know sometimes reading negative posts online can have some kind of impact on us, I hope it is not having any impact on you or distracting you from completing what you wanna complete. Mate, I'm sure you are genuinely honest with your members and that you are not a scam-artist, you don't need to say anything to prove to anyone, all you need to do is show them with your actions so that those people that have been bad-mouthing you will all be silent by your determination to make it through this period. Much appreciated for the updates you have posted to keep us inform. I know you want to pay us, I want to be paid also as this will be my first payment that I've anticipated for this long :D Don't worry about the original 'angel' that lashed off, he'll be sorry once the 'new' angel funds TTG!

Brian, do what you need to do and bring V2 in, we are all waiting and know that you can pull this one through.

And here's another -

Dear admin...

I read everything you kindly posted for us, and it made me realize how much initiative I'm lacking in this period of my life. My only fear now is that I might appear to be a random user trying to get some attention from you... I imagine I'm not the only one e-mailing you after seeing that message, but it's a good thing knowing that it restored faith to some non-believers! Anyway I have something to tell you, and in the same time... something to tell myself. Hopefully you'll read "the whole thing"! (if you remember my first pm to you, @ September, I'll never forget :) )

So here goes nothing and everything in the same time: I've been through a lot in 2008, death of my only brother, post-traumatic stress, drugs, severe gastritis, social failure, but I never gave up believing I'll get through and live life as one should, surrounded by loved ones, doing what I feel I ought to be doing. Everybody has their own problems, but it's the way we solve those problems that separates the strong ones from the weak ones. The admin I know is one of the strongest characters I've had the luck to encounter (even if only on the internet). I simply know you have what it takes to reach the top, and I wish I could help you more but unfortunately my skills in this domain are limited... nevertheless

If you'll ever need the aid of a faithful member, please don't forget I'm here... I'd sacrifice all my time just to know I'm helping you... And as for the bad-mouthers, it's a thought that makes me smile everytime :)... You are going to make this happen, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise... bad morale can bring people down, but we will rise back again!

I'm not about to allow TTG to fail. I will work until I find the right funder. I'm currently negotiating with two today. If people know where we're at then perhaps they will know that miracles don't happen. We have to make our own miracles happen and that's what I'm trying to do for all of you. We've seen some rough times. I consider that a learning curve. Things have been learned that won't be forgotten with V2. We have an incredible member base. Each and every one of you contributes to TTG's success and all of our work. We compliment each other and our advertisers by just existing. Failure is not an option. I humbly and sincerely ask for time to make this work. Once again I've not forgotten all of you and I've as always never left you in the dark. Don't close the book on TTG just yet. After all the story is only beginning.

Perhaps users can help us by blogging about what we're trying to do and the future of TTG, and V2 being ready so that the good posts in Google once again outweigh those who whine, and those who cheat who focus on getting those backlinks for their own traffic collection and for no good reason but to whine instead of being a positive force in getting us back and running again. Just a thought. It would surely help when any investors we're talking to searches in Google to see good things at the top instead of the few negatives. Remember we've already paid out 128k. We don't have to prove we pay. We just need to expand and change our methodology somewhat so the site has more profit.

All we have to do is keep on monitoring the site and I don't know how long it will take to finish this script so lets wait and see what will happen.


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