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New problems

Since most of the PTC sites implemented referral limit due to cheaters, free members and losses a lot of money from direct referrals coming from GPT sites. Some ptc sites keep on banning GPT as a resort for survival but their reputation is also at risk.

On the other hand, it seems like chillbux was abandoned by the admins. No updates regarding the sites and looks like ghost site.

Buxrev has problems regarding their cashout because they were robbed. The admin said;
"We are sorry to inform you that,for the moment all payments have been blocked by Paypal.Someone,tried to cheat us...and succeeded.They robbed us !!!they took around $300 and wea re trying to resolve this issue but it looks like they have no funds on papal or on their(stolen credit card).
We don't want to lose this site because we made some friends here ...we are willing to go and spend our money like we did till now....hoping ...that in one day we will be remembered.
we are not martyrs....and we don't want to INVEST my friend and we will keep going and paying.We will modify our scheme .This way we all are going to be happy....we will make some new rules(mostly the ones from Neobux ,which we all know that is the best).So please be patient and keep clicking.We will be here for all the info you need.
It means you have to wait until the site recovers from its loses. Just keep in touch and you'll see it happening.

Ara-bux has some recent delays in payments because of the new project they are doing for the past 2 months. You also noticed the ups and downs of the site recently is also due to the same reason. the admin explained very well the situation to calm the members.


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