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Scams are still coming in

Unobux is now proven scam. No income so no payments will be given. The admin abandoned the site for good so expect nothing so better stop clicking while yous till can.

On the other hand, Buxrev is back with a vengeance. The admin explained the reason for closing down for a while, it is due DDos Attack. Now, the site is perfectly fine so you can now resume your activities.

While Shortbux and Ara-bux is becoming unpredictable this past days. GPT bank considered it a scam due to some recent delays in payments. The members are alarmed with their current situation although the admin is still not admitting the financial situation os their sites. But let's still hope for the best and pray that they will not turn into a scrap site.


this is common in ptc. well just have to get used to it. just focus on neobux and get more referral and if you have more time the rest are second priority. good luck to us all..

thank you for following my blog! keep it up and lets make more money online!

Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:14:00 AM  

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