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still the same cenario

I haven't put some updates recently dew to my recent work and I'm sorry for some delays. But better late than never right?

To get started, UGptc is owned by Jeff Hung who owns gibux, uggibux, jthcorp, ggepay and so many other scams. The click rates are also high about 0.02 and we know that high click rates won't last long. Just be careful and be safe!

While just finish upgrading their site. They added funny features and surf bar for easy usage of the site.

The old scam is back! Osobux added new features and areas;

1-Support center with : live help chat and ticket support area.

2-Signups area, by signup up advertisers offers you can earn up to 10 times more per day than what you can earn in normal ptc website.

3-cpa offers it great area where you can signup in hundreds new offers every day, and which you can earn 10usd,20usd... or more every day.

4-you can use your cash to upgrade, buy traffic, signups, lottery or advertise with us.

5-you can advertise on by buying side link or newsletter spot.

6-you can add cash to your balance and use it to buy services from us.

7-contact and been contacted by referrals.

8-our website now has :Alertpay,egold, moneybookers and paypal.

Now it's up to you to decide if you wanna join again a site who scammed you before.

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