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Since Earn3 change they TOS and not paying standard members.

The admin posted this;
The admin wants the members to upgrade so they will be paid.
I know i haven't been to active in the forum past few days i been depressed past few days to much been going on offline. I thought of this idea let me know if you will support it. $10 a month upgrade and i keep instant for upgraded members. It will be just like you have the regular upgrade but only for a month. I know a lot of the members can afford at least $10. Let me know what you think of this idea.

Unfortunately, not all member are in favor of his idea. Members are in doubt if the site can afford to pay its members.

After a day he posted this;
Manual pay is now ready. I was just told this idea that after you been paid by manual pay if your standard they should least upgrade to the $10 monthly upgrade to get future payouts till the site is more stable. What do you all think.

So it's means that the site is currently unstable and has no ability to pay its members in this situation. So why upgrade?

Now, the admin is really desperate in creating money for the site. He wants the members support regarding the contest so he could pay his members.

He posted;
I know I haven't been in the forum much past few days, I've had a lot going on lately. I've had allergy problems plus been stressed out some on what to do for earn3. I mean when I try something it doesn't help. If I did one of my huge purchase contest like I did in October when earn was starting to do good would everyone help out. Then a lot of the pending payouts should be paid up a lot faster.

It's up to you if you want to continue on this site with unstable income. Actually, Earn3 is on the watch list of some forums so you better watch out.


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