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A former member of Kingsclicker accused the site to be scam. For the reason that his account was deleted after being paid by this site. Kingsclicker accused this former member a cheater. He tried to proved his innocence of all the accusation but unfortunatley the admin refused to get his account back.

Luckily, the admin of Kingsclicker replied and told him;

I think this post and that you posted it on all our topics and in other forums show who is the kid, right? :lol:
You say that we are scammer because we don't support you as a scammer!

We are no scammer, why? We pay out good user, but we won't pay cheater.
We have tried to solve this "problem" with you in a friendly way, we have told you the reasons and we have proofs, but you are freaking out, and you are calling us scammers - so what do you want? A second chance? NEVER!

After your claim we have checked your account some more times on our backups, to be sure that you really are a cheater, and you're one!

You can tell us scammer if you want, but we won't support cheater we pay out our honest members, but no cheater!

So we have tried to solve this with you in a friendly way and your behavior is like that of a kid.

Our real members know that we are no scammer and that we pay our honest members


Seriously, Kingsclicker is really paying their members instantly. We don't know how long but still the important thing is that they are.

To see all the complete details of the fight, click below.



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