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TTG has announce just this morning regarding the payment to be process.

Admin said:

OK here is where we are at folks. Thanks first of all for being patient. I've just spent the last 3 days in the hospital with Gastrointestinal issues. I was released this morning and went straight to work with the accounting department. Together we've come up with a proper solution to making sure only those people who are legitimate users get paid. We did a minor audit of the first 500 payouts to examine the extent of cheating users. What we found is that there are some users with as many as 20 accounts and 20 seperate alertpay addresses even. In order to preserve the funds we have for you users who are honest and not waste any funds on cheaters our accountants have a solution on how we're going to mass pay all the proper users and not get us and yourselves cheated in the process. What we will be doing is requesting the following information. We will be sending all users with a payout request a certified check which is bank certified. We will also be turning over a list of all multiple account offenders to AlertPay for their examination as well. We have contracted a check processing company to handle processing all of your payouts. We believe courier or certified air mail will be the best and quickest way to get all your payouts to you.

What we require each user to do is send a quick email to payments[AT]

The subject line MUST be simply your username.

The message body must be exactly as follows.

Your username
Your Queue Number.
Your total cashout amount in USD.
Your full legal given name.
Your current and correct address.
Your telephone number.
You must attach 2 scanned pieces of Identification.
One must be a photo identification. The other must be a scanned copy of a piece of postal mail sent to your exact address as provided.

We apologise for the inconvenience however we need this to be done this way so we don't end up paying 50,000 cheating individuals. We need the money to go to the correct people.

As mentioned all multiple account owners / AlertPay multiple account owners will be turned over to AlertPay as well.

The maginitude of people attempting to defraud TTG is simply too high.

We will begin the check processing tomorrow morning with the first batch of confirmed addresses reaching mail tomorrow afternoon.

V2 will be delayed a small bit long enough for us to complete the queue payout so we expect to launch V2 by Monday giving start to a new week and a new TTG. Payouts in future will be paid via AP since V2 has more security to protect against this. This is only for the massive wipe to be paid with certified Check.

Thank you for your co-operation
We're very excited about paying over 200,000.00 to our members and moving on to what looks to be a wonderful year ahead for all of us.

If you can't do this, just wait until the V2 version is launch and be paid via alertpay.


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