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Due to the last attack of DDos at PPClix, the site's system isn't working fine for few days. The clicks and referrals are not calculated accurately. Today, their system is back to normal and you can now use paypal to cashout anytime but the alertpay is disabled due to low balanced. They also put a donation box and encourage members to make some donations or you can upgrade and advertise to help them recover financially.

TTG brought back the V1 version again and the forum is closed. Currently, they are still working with the V2 and hopefully be fixed by Wednesday .

When you try to click the forum you will see these;

We've run into another major snag while attempting a V2 launch. We estimate to have it fixed around Wednesday this coming week. Meantime the V1 revision is back and operating. We're quite sorry but we need more time to complete this proper. We're also spending the week working with additional funding sources to do a proper major leaque campaign once V2 does go live. Please be patient. Thank you.

Perfomancebux forum is still closed and no news from the admin. So better get away from this site or drop it. When you try to open the forum you will still see this messageWhile Chillbux has a new scheme, they will take 25% of your earning of every click and you referrals make and place them in a rent balance to redeem your referrals. hhmmpp! Compulsary renting of referrals. That's so obvious!


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