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Currently, TTG is down because theya re trying to install the V2 version of the site. No announcement on when the site will open.

When you try to enter the site, you will see this message;

We're currently down working on a re-trial of V2 installation. Keep checking back. We've run into a small snag but are following up with a plan B. We may be down still over the weekend but will try for a mid week launch. Please do not lose faith people as we are going to make this happen or die trying. Personally I am not into the whole die trying bit so give some faith and expect it to work.

On the other hand, Ara-bux payments are still delay due to the recent changes they have added in their site.

While Neobux is still stronger as before with better features and payments are still instant.

PPclix has launched PTCPoint that aims to get latest PTC related news and the latest scams online which is a great help to PTC Maniacs online.

That's all for now!


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