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If you received this kind of mail, just ignore it. No announcement was made by that they will merged with Unobux (a new PTC). Don't believe that all your earning will be transferred because we all know that is considered to be scam. All the links posted on this kind of mail is not advisable to click because the sender can be a hacker.


Hi nice blog you have! My name is RathiSathesh now i'm in USA i came to about mylot thru one of my frnd. I saw your blog it's really good!
I want to earn money through marketting online!
How can i do please do reply.
I have created a website do visit if u have time

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 5:27:00 AM  

Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it..
Since you have created your own blog you can either pass it to adsense or bidvertiser/adbriteto create extra income from it..

If you choose adsense better not associate related ads like PTC or any pay to sites because your site will be banned from it.

Bidvertiser/ adbrite on the other hand is not as strict as adsense..
I have a banner on bidvertiser under sponsors if you wanna join..

You can also include your site to some affiliate like affiliatebot that will also make you some extra cash.. All you have to do is join some programs under them and post the links on your blog or site. You will get commission when someone bought a product on you or per click depending on the ads you wanna promote.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 9:38:00 PM  

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