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Congrats Neobux!

Until now Neobux is still going strong and still pays instantly despite the crisis that is happening worldwide. Now, Neobux is celebrating it's first anniversary and the only sites that last this long. This site proves that not all PTC are scam, Neobux can still stand out and pay us!

Congrats and more power to you!!!

While Prosperbux payment section is not updated. It seems like this site is not paying anymore. I visited the site and the last payment was March 21. A member posted that he was paid yesterday but not proofs to proved it so it is considered invalid. This site now listed on my trash (scam) until further notice, investing is not advisable.

From Clicksomatic, they are now back to shortbux domain and currently member of GPTboycott. They also decrease their payment per click and still pating it's member. The site is more stable now since they have done this. Good job!

While the Cobybux is still unsuccessful in changing their server. Admin said that the database will not be affected so just calm down and let's wait for further announcement from him.

Incrasebux still has a problem with their payment processor and becomes very alarming. How will the members be paid if their accounts has been suspended and chargeback from members.
If they can't fix this problem then you knwo what will happen next.

Performancebux added evo wallet as one of their payment processor. This is still on testing and if becomes successful and evo wallet will surely be part of performancebux for while.


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